Alliance starts supply and installation of Houston counting station radars to cover 750 Km of the fedaral roads - Northern Emirates.


Alliance Traffic Systems is a leading provider of IntelligentTraffic solutions
that provide our customers with the highest level of convenience, safety and value. 





   ALLIANCE is committed to provide the most innovative solutions in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic Management System and toll solutions. Alliance was founded in 2008 and it is our objective to lead the market in inter-operable platform, open road tolling, multi-application transportation payment, traffic telematics & vehicle communication solutions and training & consultancy services. Our products and services are efficient, reliable and future-oriented and provide useful solutions for people on the move. We provide a strong portfolio so that we can meet all of our customer's needs.

   The years 2016-2017 witnessed a significant expansion in several sectors of the business through the signing of partnership agreements with several international companies in the field of smart traffic systems, road engineering and communications sector.

   We have also expanded geographically to the GCC and Africa by transferring our expertise through the participation of many projects in the sectors of smart traffic systems and telecommunication.



    The year 2018 marks a milestone in the expansion of the Alliance for Industry and manufacturing, which is a requirement of the regional market, especially for the technical industries, in particular and synonymous with expansion to the Gulf market and the Middle East later. We have started to study the establishment of a factory for the production and assembly of some equipment, which studies showed the urgent need for the local market and regional, including:
1. CCTV Cameras
2. LED Screens (Especially Outdoor Screens)
3. Intelligent Radars.
Taking advantage of the substantial support and facilities provided by the government in the UAE for local industries.


   To deliver a safe, reliable, efficient, and socially equitable transportation system that enhances environment and economic vitality.



   In 2013, the R & D Department of the Alliance highlighted the importance of innovation by providing all necessary equipment. His role has been demonstrated by the innovative solutions accomplished by our engineers according to the requirements of customers and the market. High coordination among all departments has contributed to providing the best solutions that compete globally. The design experts work seamlessly with the technical and marketing departments as a workgroup that delivers excellent, integrated results that meet customer requirements.
   Therefore, we set a main goals and Targets, which contribute to the increase of our investments, especially the provision of technical equipment at competitive prices through the establishment of its industry in the UAE through the establishment of an advanced industrial facility that operates according to the latest international experience and provides the local and regional markets with high quality products at competitive prices. The CCTV industry is an important example of this Demands.
   Since success requires creative expertise, we have relied on a group of experiences that have formed over the past years a work cell, creativity, invention and key support for our success and continued to achieve our goals and vision.



   Achieving Perfection requires Hard and serious work coupled witha Modern Vision of safe and intelligent societies.



   Welcome to Alliance Traffic Systems L.L.C. Our history is one of growth and expansion. Focused on providing our customers with superior customer service, we intend to be the company of choice for Traffic Intelligent Systems.
   Our tradition, dedication and hard work add up to a company of people who are always there for our customers. ATS is an established and proven company with assets that are managed by experienced and qualified people. Here at ATS we are not only suited to meet your needs but to exceed your expectations. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect has provided the foundation for our success.
   Originally founded as a traffic control company, ATS has grown to meet our customers requirements and identified products and services that added value to their business needs. With a business that stands on a foundation strengthened by our customers' confidence in our quality and expertise, we live to deliver solutions, to be a partner during project development, to support conceptualization of design, and to integrate systems.

Take advantage of "The Traffic Tech Experience". We look forward to be of service to your needs.

Eisa Al Shamlan


ALLIANCE offers its clients future proof, tailor-made solutions, continuous improvement of customer orientation and readiness to service, security, reliability and accuracy.
The company has targeted to solve traffic problems of middle east with its entire expert staff joined under the same roof and equipment conforming standards in a large range. With references formed by knowledge accumulation, researching and innovative spirit, ALLIANCE produces projects that offer permanent solutions for problems through products & systems, and gives all kinds of consulting services.

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The agreement, which includes the process of purchasing fixed speed enforcement systems for Abu Dhabi Traffic & Patrols Directorate (ADTPD) to control the over speeding phenomena and decrease the accident rate that happens due to this, has already been signed..




Counting and classification station's on fedaral roads northern Emirates.

Alliance Starts Supply And Installation of Houton Counting Station Radars To Cover 750 Km Of The Fedaral Roads - Northern Emirates.

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